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For sale Moto Guzzi Lodola 235 Granturismo (1959)

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Moto Guzzi Lodola 235 Granturismo


Lodola running
Lodola static


The Lodola was launched in 1956 and was in production until 1966. It is the last bike designed exclusively by Carlo Guzzi, with considerably different design than the models up to that time with horizontal cylinder. It initially had 175 cc, and 235 from 1959 onwards. Its slogan was " designed by the wind" because its design coincided with the construction of the factory's private wind tunnel, which was a world first.
One of its many charecteristics is the 2 mounting positions for the rear shocks on the frame, giving the ability for 2 settings in spring rate and shock absorber hardness, for better adjustment in the bike's current load.

Few words for the particular

It is in 100% original condition, unrestored and fully functional, a rare combination for its age. It is probably the only example in working condition in Greece.
It comes from Italian Forest Services, from where its colour also comes. It doesn't need any repair or service, and can be used directly for ride of any length or classic rally.

It can be immediately registered as historic vehicle.

Moto Guzzi Lodola operation from Automotoclassics on Vimeo.

Lodola static from Automotoclassics on Vimeo.

Price € 3,800

1Lodola 3 4 view
2Lodola rside
3Lodola lside
4lodola rear 3 4
5lodola leng
6lodola reng
7Lodola instr
8lodola instr sw

Moto Guzzi Lodola 235 Granturismo
Ετος Κατασκευης 1959
Εργοστάσιο αμαξωμα Moto Guzzi
Παρήχθησαν 26.757
Kινητήρας Single 45 deg inclination, air cooled
Κυβισμός 235
Κύλινδροι 1
Ιπποδύναμη 11 DIN / 6500
Τροφοδοσία 1 carburator (Dellorto UB 25)
Φρένα Drum front/rear
Μετάδοση Αλυσιδα
Κιβ. Ταχ/των 4 gears
Χρώμα Πράσινο (Servizio Forestale)
Ρεζερβουάρ 12
Βάρος 108
Ιδιαίτερα χαρακτ/κά μονόσελλο
Κάρτα FIVA / κατηγορία No

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